Plush music box sheep - Dreamy Hugginz for babies

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Cloud b "Dreamy Hugginz Musical Plush" - Sheep

A cute sheep as a music box and cuddly toy in one

Cloud b Hugginz Musical Plushies are compact, soothing companions for your little one. Whether at home, on long journeys or in the city, the music box plush toys are much more than an ordinary stuffed animal and have a secret sound box that can be easily activated by your child for melodies. When baby pulls the plush star, a soothing lullaby begins to play. Perfect for car seats, strollers.


- Velcro for easy attachment to strollers

- Exceeds the highest international safety standards; safe for children from 0 years

- Irresistibly soft

- Height: about 20cm

Multisensory Magic:

The best things in life create a positive experience in a multi-sensory way. Hugginz Musical Plushie does just that - through soothing sounds and touches! The use of soft tones to put infants and children to sleep is well known. But did you know that lullabies are also scientifically proven to help little ones fall asleep faster and sleep better?

Hugginz Musical Plushie combines the power of soothing sounds with the power of super softness for a multi-sensory experience that encourages better sleep. And better sleep means better health and well-being - exactly what every parent dreams of for their child!

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