Fifteyeight is one of the most popular brands in Germany when it comes to fun and creatively designed tableware. In this blog post we would like to introduce the best mugs with faces from the Fifteyeight brand . Whether it's a cup, mug or plate, at Fifteyeight you will find everything to do with tableware and additional items. Fifteyeight's fun and creative designs have been inspiring people for years. 

Fiftyeight Products is not just a company name. The brand stands for the combination of creativity and humor in everyday life, in the form of tableware for everyday use. The German company is known for its high-quality porcelain products. The design of the products is created with care and humor. Fiftyeight Products aims to design products that are both practical and emotionally appealing. In addition to expressive cups, Fiftyeight Products offers an innovative range of porcelain items such as bowls and plates. The cups with Fiftyeight's funny faces are clearly among the brand's bestsellers. 


Espresso cup  

An espresso (strong coffee in a small cup) is a must for many to start the day. How about enriching this ritual moment of the day with something special and appealing? 

The Fiftyeight espresso cups with faces don't just bring a smile to coffee lovers. The espresso cups are among the most popular cups with faces from Fiftyeight. The espresso cups are available in a variety of versions with different facial expressions. From the facial expressions of puzzled, amused, mischievous, grim, delicious to mischievous. All offer a unique and fun experience for your morning coffee or espresso.

Fiftyeight's face cups have a handle and saucer and are an eye-catcher in almost every kitchen. 

The hard porcelain of the cup is not only robust and durable, but also ensures the finest espresso enjoyment. The high-quality porcelain ensures that your hot coffee lasts a long time.



Handle cups  

The handle cups are also among the funny cups with faces from Fiftyeight. The motifs are funny, grumpy, cheerful, tasty, confused, mischievous, so there is something for every taste. 

These cups will put you in a good mood at breakfast and give you a good start to the day. With a capacity of approx. 350ml, they are perfect for a large cup of coffee, tea, cocoa or latte macchiato and much more.   

The most important and important feature of the Fifteyeight cups is that they are completely dishwasher safe. They are made of high-quality hard porcelain and are unbreakable. The base is polished and the edges are glazed. All cups are made in Germany and are characterized by high quality standards. 

Fiftyeight cups are not just cups with faces on them. Each individual cup has a distinctive face that expresses emotions such as joy, surprise and happiness. The faces give the cup personality and create an interactive experience when enjoying coffee. 


Handle mug/handle cup-white-various-motifs-from-58-products-berlindeluxe-cups-funny-faces

The perfect gift  

For many people, the mugs with the Fiftyeight face have become a sought-after collector's item. They therefore also make excellent gifts for family and friends. Many people enjoy collecting mugs that represent different emotions and have a small collection at home, usually right in the kitchen. 

The Fiftyeight espresso cups with faces are a perfect combination of design, quality and functionality. They give your coffee break a personal touch and are an expression of creativity and joie de vivre. 

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