City, Country, Idiot is a great game for young and old. Fun for the whole family or with friends on a nice game night. As a BerlinDeluxe online shop, we offer you the optimal fun factor for all occasions with the City, Country, Idiot series of games. The creative and varied games are available in different editions that are tailored to the needs of players of all ages. From Classic to RED LIGHT to Junior Edition - all variants have a unique mix of categories that put the knowledge and creativity of the players to the test. Thinking, humor and excitement are three important components that this game combines. The innovative letter board, which prevents cheating, ensures fairness and exciting game nights with City, Country, Idiot. Grab one now and secure one of our great City, Country, Idiot games.

Stadt Land Vollposten - Classic Edition

Classic, creative, delicious: fun for the whole

Discover the Classic Edition of City, Country, Idiot, the tried and tested classic game that now provides entertainment in your home. With 43 varied categories, from professions to song titles, this edition offers endless fun and challenges for players aged 12 and over. Perfect for evenings spent together, it promotes creativity and a competitive spirit. With the Classic Edition, every game night becomes an unforgettable experience.

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Stadt Land Vollposten - Junior Edition

"Learn and laugh through play: family fun for young explorers"

With the Junior Edition of Stadt Land Vollpfosten, even the youngest family members can immerse themselves in the world of imaginative word games. The child-friendly version offers 23 creative categories that promote knowledge, creativity and fun learning. The game is recommended for children and young people aged 9 and over. The game is ideal for encouraging curiosity while enjoying fun family time.

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City Country Idiots - RED LIGHT Edition

"Cheeky, happy, free: The ultimate fun for adults"

The RED LIGHT edition of City Country Idiot gives the game a fresh and humorous twist. This version, specially tailored to adults, includes 32 unique categories ranging from dirty to funny. Ideal for bachelor parties, birthday parties or a fun evening with friends. This edition promises laughs, unforgettable moments and a pinch of spice for your game nights.

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