With the With Cloud b turtles you can discover the starry sky in your own home and give your children great joy. BerlinDeluxe has made it its mission to offer quality gifts for your children in the shop at fair prices. We have a wide variety of products from the Cloud b brand to choose from - there is something for every taste. The turtles are among the most popular products in our range. This new version of the award-winning Cloud b turtles brings a sparkling twist to the children's room, as they project an enchanting starry sky onto the ceiling and walls. With a selection of colorful light projections and gentle melodies you can create a calm and magical moment for you and your child. Take your time and take a look at our range of cuddly Cloud b turtles.

The Cloud b turtles are designed to help your child fall asleep. With gentle sounds and beautiful projections, Cloud b has managed to design a suitable product. BerlinDeluxe can offer a wide selection of Cloud b turtles. The Cloud b turtle is not only a means to an end for a better night's sleep, but also a loving companion that stimulates the imagination and introduces children to the beauties of the universe. An essential part of any bedtime routine that will win the hearts of children and parents alike.


Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Aqua: Soothing night light with sound

The Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Aqua is a unique night light that simulates the gentle movements of the waves of the sea. A unique Cloud b turtle with a variety of functions. The night light is specially designed to soothe children and promote peaceful sleep. With the combination of gentle lighting effects that evoke thoughts of the underwater world and soothing sounds, such as a gentle melody or a noise, the Tranquil Turtle Aqua creates an atmospheric rest area in the children's room. With the practical automatic switch-off after 23 minutes and long-lasting LEDs that do not heat up, this night light guarantees safety and comfort. It is battery-operated (3 AA batteries, not included) and offers flexibility in placement.

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Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Green: Sleep Aid Night Light

The Cloud b Turtle Green is the solution for a peaceful bedtime. Like its aqua-colored sister, this turtle also helps lull children to sleep with its soft night light and soothing sound. The green version also creates fascinating light effects underwater and plays gentle melodies or white noise that provide a calming sleeping environment. The Tranquil Turtle Green has the same high-quality features such as automatic shut-off after 23 minutes and cool, long-lasting LEDs. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

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Cloud b Twilight Turtle: Starry Sky Night Light

With the Cloud b Twilight Turtle, the children's room is transformed into a nighttime starry sky. This charming night light offers a star projection with soft light that not only calms but also arouses interest in the constellations. Children can choose between different colors such as green, blue and amber or select automatic rotation. The Twilight Turtle switches off automatically after 45 minutes to ensure a peaceful sleep and minimize battery consumption. This model also requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included.

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Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Ocean: Night light with ocean atmosphere

The Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Ocean brings the calming effects of the sea straight into the child's room. In a charming purple, it offers the same fantastic features as the other Tranquil Turtle models - soft sounds, soothing light effects and a wave-like movement that supports a peaceful bedtime. The automatic switch-off after 23 minutes and the long-lasting, cool LEDs ensure safety and comfort. Tranquil Turtle Ocean requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included. A great Cloud b turtle for young children of different ages.

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Cloud b Twinkling Twilight Turtle: Sparkling Starry Sky Night Light

Experience a sparkling adventure under the stars with the Cloud b Twinkling Twilight Turtle. This innovative model of the award-winning Twilight Turtle enables star projection and glittering light effects that inspire the imagination and soothe at the same time. With three different light effects and colors, the Twinkling Twilight Turtle creates an enchanting atmosphere before going to bed. The automatic switch-off after 45 minutes, the adjustable brightness and sound options and the cool, long-lasting LEDs make it an ideal night light. The night light is available in blue and pink and requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included.

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Discover the magic of sleep aid: Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Pink

The Tranquil Turtle Pink from Cloud b is your sleep aid, specially designed to give children a peaceful and pleasant bedtime. With soft light and sound, the Tranquil Turtle calls a calming underwater world into your child's room and lets your little ones fall asleep with the gentle waves of the sea. Soothing environment for sweet dreams: The Tranquill Turtle Pink uses a mixture of a gentle melody or white noise and projects relaxing underwater light effects that create a peaceful environment. The subtle wave movements of the projection simulate a light sea breeze, ideal for gently lulling your child to sleep. With an automatic switch-off after 23 minutes, this sleep aid allows your child to rest undisturbed without you having to worry about energy consumption or overheating. The long-lasting LEDs produce a pleasant light that causes neither heat nor discomfort and creates a permanently safe sleeping environment.

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