Rosina Wachtmeister - Quality and Art

The figures of the Rosina Wachtmeister brand impress with their attention to detail and their quality. The different motifs and figures offer something for every taste. The various cat figures are particularly popular. They are Rosina Wachtmeister's trademark.

Decoration and inspiration

The figures from the Rosina Wachtmeister brand are perfect as decoration for your own home. Whether in the living room or in the kitchen - the figures can beautify your living space. But the products, especially the figures from the Rosina Wachtmeister brand, are also very suitable as gifts for friends and family.


Rosina Wachtmeister – Enchanting and colourful worlds

55 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 55 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 55 products
Melitina - Rosina Wachtmeister Cat Figurine

Products with colour and imagination

The products of the Robin Ruth brand include cups, cat figurines and egg cups. The cups feature various motifs such as cats, nature and houses. They are colourful, beautifully designed and delicately crafted, which is what sets them apart from Rosina Wachtmeister. The cat figurines themselves are also extremely popular. They are made of high-quality biscuit porcelain and are characterised by their details and various depictions, which makes the heart of every true cat lover and decoration collector beat faster.



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