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You can find gifts for Berliners in different variations at BerlinDeluxe. With us you will find classic and modern brands that touch the heart of a Berliner. It is not always easy to find the right gift. Berlin is a big city with different facets and faces. Berlin gifts and products should capture the essence and spirit of this vibrant metropolis. After all, Berlin is a unique city with a unique flair.

Each product in our collection carries its own message and purpose. There is the perfect gift for all Berliners and Berlin lovers in our shop. From famous souvenirs to trendy fashion items, we offer a carefully selected selection that brings the best of Berlin to your home. Whether for men or women, young or old - everyone will find what they are looking for here. Let our selection surprise you and immerse yourself in the world of Berlin gifts.


Ampelmann: A famous symbol of the capital

There are numerous signs and symbols that are associated with Berlin. The classic former East Berlin green and red Ampelmännchen is definitely one of these symbols. Ampelmann is a real Berlin brand that can offer appropriate gifts for Berliners and Berlin lovers. The Ampelmann brand is one of the most famous Berlin souvenir brands.

The Ampelmann brand offers various products, including cups, bum bags, ashtrays, pens, T-shirts, bags, key rings, cups and even fruit gums. The Ampelmann brand is one of the established brands that represent Berlin. The brand's bags, cups and T-shirts are particularly popular.

From elegant fashion to innovative accessories for the home, each item brings a piece of Berlin flair into your everyday life. The collection shows the creative diversity of Berlin and makes every Berlin fan happy.

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Wall bricks: A piece of Berlin history you can touch

The Berlin Wall is a symbol of an important part of German history that still has a lasting impact today. If you want a souvenir of this part of Berlin and German history, the wall bricks are just the thing. They are the ideal gift for Berliners.

The bricks are not only a brand, but also a tribute to Berlin's turbulent history and a symbol of overcoming barriers and differences. These parts of the Berlin Wall have been carefully preserved and transformed into unique works of art and memorabilia. These works are an impressive example of hope and the spirit of the people and are a reminder of the past.

The wall stones are available in 2 different acrylic sheets. These are original stones that were cut out of the Berlin Wall. A truly unique piece and a great gift for every Berliner and Berlin lover at BerlinDeluxe.

The stones combine art, history and uniqueness. Act now and secure yourself an original stone from the Berlin Wall. Real history in your own home.

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Bauer & Sohn: Masterpieces of miniature S- and U-Bahn trains from Berlin

Bauer & Sohn combines tradition with innovation to offer a unique experience for lovers and collectors of authentic Berlin culture. We are proud to present our unique selection of S-Bahn and U-Bahn miniature trains.

It reflects the dynamic energy and historical heritage of Berlin's public transport. The models are manufactured with the greatest care and precision and show Berlin's trains in all their glory. The miniature trains of the S-Bahn and U-Bahn are an ideal gift for Berliners. From the U1 to the U9 and from the S41-S46, everything is included.

They are ideal for collecting and giving as gifts. The trains offer a lot of nostalgia for every Berliner who uses this line every day. If Berlin Mitte is the heart of Berlin, then the SU trains are the arteries that reliably transport people from one end of the city to the other every day. Strike now and secure yourself unique Berlin gifts.

The Bauer & Sohn brand stands for craftsmanship and quality. Treat yourself or friends and family. They are definitely a suitable gift.

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Buddy Baer: Ambassador of Berlin’s joie de vivre

Another great gift for Berliners are the famous Buddy Bears. Colorful, unique and versatile are all aspects that can be attributed to the Buddy Bears. The colorful buddies are not just decorative objects. They convey the joy of life and diversity in the capital. Each one has its own story of friendship and solidarity. Get your Buddy Bear from our extensive design selection and bring a lively piece of Berlin culture into your home.

There are different classic Berlin models such as Berlin Comic Blue - Buddy Bear, Hertha BSC Buddy Bear, Berlin Wappentier Buddy Bear, Berlin Schwärmerei Buddy Bear, Berlin Comic Netz Buddy Bear and many more.

In addition to the traditional Berlin Buddy Bear, numerous Buddy Bears have found a home in different cities. In 2004, 18 bears took part in the "Long Night of Museums" in Buenos Aires. In the same year, Chinese artists created 23 Buddy Bears for the "Urban Sculptures" exhibition. Since then, they have been on display in Shanghai. In 2005 and 2006, 75 Buddy Bears dominated the streets and alleys of St. Gallen.

This makes the Buddy Bear a typical Berlin product that embodies the uniqueness and spirit of the capital and has an appeal that extends far beyond its borders.

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Robin Ruth: Trendy Berlin fashion

If you want to wear modern and charming Berlin fashion, the Robin Ruth brand is just the thing for you. Robin Ruth is not just a brand, but a way of life that lets the lively rhythm and unmistakable charm of Berlin flow into every fiber of its creation. Robin Ruth presents a collection that goes far beyond the ordinary because it incorporates the unmistakable Berlin touch into every design. The brand impresses with its authenticity and quality. At BerlinDeluxe we offer a variety of products from the Robin Ruth brand. The bags and T-shirts are usually decorated with the typical Berlin lettering and are a trademark of Robin Ruth.

Our carefully selected Robin Ruth product range reflects the diversity and dynamism of the city and contains everything that the fashion-conscious heart desires in today's fast-moving world. Whether sweaters, caps, T-shirts, mugs, umbrellas or jackets - everything is there. The products are the ideal gift for every Berliner or Berlin fan.

The brand is characterized by stylish and unique Berlin lettering as the primary design element. At Robin Ruth you can find a perfect combination of Berlin's culture and modern fashion.

Whether you are looking for a souvenir to remember this iconic city or a unique gift for someone special, Robin Ruth brings the Berlin lifestyle into your everyday life.

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Your Berlin gift is waiting for you

At BerlinDeluxe you will find the perfect Berlin gift for yourself or for friends and relatives. The brands Ampelmann, Bauer&Sohn, Buddy Baer, ​​Robin Ruth and Mauersteine ​​are among the classic Berlin brands that you can buy at BerlinDeluxe. We have made it our mission to provide our customers with the best gifts and souvenirs for Berlin and have carefully selected our own range. For us, quality and design are decisive aspects when it comes to choosing our products.

These carefully selected products reflect the uniqueness and charm of Berlin. Experience our exclusive brands now and bring a piece of Berlin flair into your life.


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