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Fiftyeight – Enjoy everyday life with a smile

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Showing 1 - 24 of 98 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 98 products
Bowl Fiery Special Edition - TV cupsBowl Fiery Special Edition - TV cups
Espresso cup funny - TV cupsEspresso cup funny - TV cups
58 products Espresso cup funny - TV cups
Sale price€17,99
Sold out
Vase small "Kess", white, 10cm - TV cupsVase small "Kess", white, 10cm - TV cups
Vase small "Cute", white, 10cm - TV cupsVase small "Cute", white, 10cm - TV cups
58 products Schüssel Mampfend - TV Tassen
Sale price€44,99
In stock
58 products Fiftyeight shell set - 6 pieces
Sale price€118,90
In stock
58 products The TASSEN cookbook - TV cups
Sale price€29,95
In stock
58 products Tea Towel Tasty - 58 products
Sale price€9,90
In stock
Bowl Set No.4 - Laughing & WinkingBowl Set No.4 - Laughing & Winking
Shell Confident Gray InsideShell Confident Gray Inside
58 products Shell Confident Gray Inside
Sale price€26,90
In stock
Shell Confident whiteShell Confident white
58 products Shell Confident white
Sale price€21,90
In stock
Save 10%
XL Bowl Puking 1000mlXL Bowl Puking 1000ml
58 products XL Bowl Puking 1000ml
Sale price€32,90 Regular price€36,50
In stock
Mug with a bite - TV mugsMug with a bite - TV mugs
58 products Mug with a bite - TV mugs
Sale price€19,50
In stock
Food Temple - Tiered stand with a bite, 2 tiersFood Temple - Tiered stand with a bite, 2 tiers
58 products Storage Jar Charming 1700ml
Sale price€51,50
In stock
Storage jar Heiter 900mlStorage jar Heiter 900ml
58 products Storage jar Heiter 900ml
Sale price€42,99
In stock
Save 10%
XL bowl laughing 1000mlXL bowl laughing 1000ml
58 products XL bowl laughing 1000ml
Sale price€32,90 Regular price€36,50
In stock

Fiftyeight products

At Berlindeluxe, choose from the wide range of products and souvenirs from the Fifteyeight brand.

Wide selection

Take advantage of our wide range and browse our shop. Fifteyeight has also published cookbooks that you can buy from BerlinDeluxe. The Food Temple and storage container are also popular.

Funny dishes

At Fiftyeight you will find fun and beautifully designed tableware that will brighten up your kitchen. At BerlinDeluxe you will find everything to do with kitchenware. Take your time to browse our online shop and be surprised by the variety and large selection of our Fifteyeight products.



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