Bugs Bunny is one of the most popular comic characters in the world. Bugs Bunny is mainly known from animated films. These come from the Warner Bros. animation studios. This popular and funny rabbit was created by Ben Hardaway. At BerlinDeluxe you can find numerous different Bugs Bunny figures . He is best known for his leading roles in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series. Bugs is an anthropomorphic, gray rabbit, known for his casual, laid-back manner, his distinctive Mid-Atlantic accent, his role as a sly rogue and his famous phrase "Hey, what's up, Doc?", which he often utters while nibbling on a carrot. This character has appeared in a variety of short films, feature films, compilations, TV series, music productions, comics, video games, award ceremonies, theme parks and commercials.


Looney Tunes figure "Lola Kissing Bugs Bunny" by Britto

With Britto's exclusive Bugs Bunny Figurines collection, you can enter the world of love, as it is accompanied by the enchanting scene in which Lola Bunny gives Bugs Bunny a kiss on the cheek. This figurine embodies the sweet, clumsy love that makes Bugs Bunny figurines so distinctive. With its bright colors and a touch of fun that only Bugs Bunny figurines can offer, this collector's item is an absolute highlight for fans. Made from high-quality polyresin, it will be a real gem in your collection. Bring this unique representation of the Bugs Bunny figurines into your home and make your heart beat faster.

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Looney Tunes figure "Bugs Bunny" by Jim Shore

Enjoy the glamour of Hollywood with this Bugs Bunny figurine from Jim Shore. This unique figurine depicts the iconic Bugs Bunny relaxing and enjoying the sun - a scene that perfectly captures the essence of the Bugs Bunny figurines. The detailed design in Jim Shore's unmistakable style highlights the uniqueness of the Bugs Bunny figurines and makes them an indispensable collector's item. The figurine is made of the finest polyresin, reflecting the quality that collectors expect from Bugs Bunny figurines. Get this piece and bring the charm of Bugs Bunny into your home.

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Looney Tunes figure "Elmer Fudd & Bugs Bunny" by Britto

The dynamic interplay between Bugs Bunny and his eternal rival Elmer Fudd captures the essence of the Bugs Bunny characters in this stunning representation by Britto. The figure brings the excitement and fun of the chase scenes that everyone knows and loves to your home. With the typical bright colors and high fun factor that only Bugs Bunny figures offer and that enhances any collection, this figure is a real asset to any collection. Made from high quality polyresin, it embodies the excellent quality of the Bugs Bunny figures. Add a new dimension to your collection with this exquisite piece.

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Looney-Tunes-Figur -Bugs-Bunny-berlindeluxe-hase-anzug

Looney Tunes figure "Bugs Bunny" by Britto

Add the mischievous charm of the Bugs Bunny figurine to your collection, presented in exquisite form by Britto. The Bugs Bunny figurine showcases the spirit and personality that made Bugs Bunny a Looney Tunes icon. Made from high-quality resin, the figurine showcases the quality and attention to detail that fans have come to appreciate in Bugs Bunny figurines. With a charming smile that melts hearts, this Bugs Bunny figurine is a timeless collectible for fans of all ages.

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Looney Tunes figure "Bugs Bunny & Daffy" by Jim Shore

The legendary friendship of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck is celebrated with this great figure from Jim Shore. The two Bugs Bunny figures in this iconic scene where they dance together bring the unmistakable charm and wit of the Looney Tunes straight to your home. The masterful design with the unmistakable style of Jim Shore makes the Bugs Bunny figures a true masterpiece. Made from the finest polyresin, this figure is of the usual high quality that you would expect from Bugs Bunny figures. An essential collector's item that captures the magic of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

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