Willow Tree figurines - expressive works of art that speak from the heart

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Showing 1 - 24 of 149 products
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Good Cheer - Willow Tree Figurine Ornament/PendantGood Cheer - Willow Tree Figurine Ornament/Pendant
Willow Tree Good Cheer - Willow Tree Figurine Ornament/Pendant
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Willow Tree "A Prayer" keepsake boxWillow Tree "A Prayer" keepsake box
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Willow Tree "Friendship" Schmuckkästchen/MusikboxWillow Tree "Friendship" Schmuckkästchen/Musikbox
Willow Tree Willow Tree "Friendship" Schmuckkästchen/Musikbox
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Willow Tree Willow Tree Figur "Auf 2024!"
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Willow Tree Willow Tree Figur Herz 2024
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Messenger-Bote-Willow-Tree Figur-frau-vogel-rotMessenger-Bote-Willow-Tree Figur-frau-vogel-rot-seite
Ornament/Anhänger Bloom-Willow-Tree-Figur-berlindeluxe-kind-blumen-anhaengerOrnament/Anhänger Bloom-Willow-Tree-Figur-berlindeluxe-kind-blumen-anhaenger-hinten
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Willow Tree Remembrance Remembrance Willow Tree Angel Figurine
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Willow Tree Music Speaks Willow Tree figurine
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Willow Tree Willow Tree Prayer of Peace keepsake box
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Willow-tree-Kindness-Girl-Andenkenbox-kind-katze-sitzendWillow Tree Kindness (Girl) keepsake box
Willow Tree Willow Tree Kindness (Girl) keepsake box
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Willow Tree Willow Tree Love my Dog (dark) keepsake box
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Willow Tree Willow Tree Love my Dog (gold) keepsake box
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Familienglück -We-are-three-Willow-Tree-berlindeluxe-familie-baby-kleikind-mutter-vaterwillow-tree-familie-figur-berlindeluxe-mutter-kind-vater-tisch-holzFamilienglück -We-are-three-Willow-Tree-berlindeluxe-familie-baby-kleikind-mutter-vater-tisch-hintergrund
willow-tree-mutter-kind-figur-berlindeluxe-stuhl-decke-holzWillow-Tree-Figur-Mutter-mit-Kind-The Quilt-Geborgenheit-berlindeluxe-willow-tree-mutter-kind-figur-berlindeluxe-stuhl-decke-holzWillow-Tree-Figur-Mutter-mit-Kind-The Quilt-Geborgenheit-berlindeluxe-seite
Willow Tree Willow tree "The quilt"
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Berlin deluxe

Willow Tree figures

The Willow Tree figures are qualitative and attractive wooden figures. They represent angels and people in different situations and with different gestures. They serve as an excellent gift idea or can be used for decoration in your own four walls. Each of the characters is special. The figures seem to have a calming, protective or even inspiring effect on us in a gentle way. Each of the figures has its own characteristics and embodies different emotions. There are figures of families, angels and animals. There is something for everybody! The connection with people and the appreciation of relationships are the top priority for the Willow Tree figures.

Berlin Deluxe

Willow Tree figurines for occasions

The artist Susan Lordi makes the Willow Tree figures by hand. This creates expressive sculptures that achieve maximum charisma with minimal gestures. The magic lies in the representation of meaningful emotions through the simplicity of the form and the lack of detailed faces. This is not the only reason why these figures are an excellent gift for all kinds of occasions. A wide range of items awaits you at BerlinDeluxe. Here you will find the right Willow Tree figure for every occasion. Give your loved ones or yourself a great treat. Benefit from our large selection of Willow Tree figures. In our range you will find angels, families, animals, couples or nativity figures. Our angels are particularly popular. These are perfect for the festival of love and can also be used as Christmas decorations.

Our Willow Tree figures can also be used for weddings, engagements or birthdays. The figures are an atmospheric highlight, especially for Christian holidays such as Easter or Christmas. But they are also a perfect gift for other occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries or as a thank you. Enter the world of BerlinDeluxe and discover the magic of the Willow Tree figures. An exciting journey full of emotions and craftsmanship awaits you.


Willow tree figurines convey feelings such as warmth, friendship, love and family togetherness. Therefore, many see them as an inspiration and a symbol of the individual's ability to overcome hardship, loss and negative feelings. In addition, the willow is considered a survivor and a symbol of renewal.

The special thing about Willow Tree is the simplicity of its shape. There are no facial features. The artist wants these figures to have meaning for both the giver and the recipient. Everyone should be able to identify with the figures. That's why they are also ideal as gifts for other people.

The Willow Tree figures can be given as gifts on a variety of occasions. Whether for a birthday, Christmas, Easter or St. Nicholas' Day. They are also perfect for weddings or engagements. They can be used as decorations on the Christmas tree or on the table.

All Willow Tree figures are hand-carved. The template was created by Susan Lordi. The figures are cast in synthetic resin based on this template. This manufacturing process guarantees that the figures are lifelike.



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