The Berlin subway is known throughout Europe. From U1 to U12, the subway connects the whole of Berlin. In this blog post, we want to introduce the Berlin wooden subways from the Bauer and Sohn brand and present and discuss the various models. They are an important symbol of the capital and masterfully recreate the real trains that are used by millions of passengers every day.


Recreated from wood for playing and collecting  

These high-quality wooden models are designed with great attention to detail and are characterized by the use of magnets. These magnets make it possible to couple the individual carriages true to the original. The individual Berlin wooden subway trains are compatible with standard wooden railway tracks and offer numerous options for putting together individual rail networks yourself. The gaming experience is made even more realistic by special subway stations with changing motifs of well-known Berlin stops. 

Particular emphasis is placed on the sustainability of this product. The models are made from beech wood from sustainable forestry and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

A journey through subway lines 1 to 9  

Berlin is not only known for its rich culture and history, but also for its extensive subway network, which transports thousands of people every day. The Berlin wooden subway models from Bauer and Sohn bring a piece of this iconic world to your home in miniature format. Below we present the individual models, which are inspired by the real subway lines 1 to 9, and discover what makes them so special.


Underground line U1  

The U1 , which runs through Kreuzberg and connects places like the Oberbaum Bridge, is represented by a detailed model. The design captures the spirit of the line, which is considered one of the oldest in Berlin. It is one of the most popular models of Berlin's wooden subways, which you can buy from BerlinDeluxe, among others.  

Underground line U2  

The U2 crosses Berlin from east to west and passes historic sights such as Potsdamer Platz. What is special about the model is the exact replica of the trains that serve this central route.  

Underground line U3

The U3 , known for its scenic route through the western part of Berlin, is immortalized in a model that captures the special features of this line, including its green surroundings. From the Krumme Lanke in the southwest to the heart of Berlin, this wonderful route stretches. The model of the Berlin wooden subway by Bauer & Sohn lives up to this claim.  

Underground line U4  

The U4 model is one of the shortest lines and represents a unique collection that underlines the importance of the smaller lines in the overall network. It can therefore also be counted among the special wooden models of the Berlin subway.

Underground line U5  

The U5, which historically connected East Berlin with the city centre, is represented by a model that celebrates its recent extension to the Brandenburg Gate.  

Underground line U6  

The model of the U6 , which connects the north and south of Berlin, is characterized by details that symbolize the diversity of the districts it passes through. You can also purchase this model from Bauer & Sohn directly in the BerlinDeluxe shop.

Underground line U7  

Berlin's longest subway line, the U7 , is represented by a model that captures the impressive routing and the different architectural styles along the route. From Spandau to Rudow, this line connects a large part of Berlin.  

Underground line U8  

The U8 , known for its connection between Neukölln and Wedding, is immortalized in a model that highlights the cultural diversity of these areas.  

Underground line U9  

The U9 model , which reflects the dynamic development of Berlin after World War II, features distinctive trains that serve important locations such as the Zoological Garden. It is also one of the most popular models you can buy from Berlin's wooden subways.  

Conclusion: Discover the diversity of Berlin’s wooden subway at BerlinDeluxe  

The detailed wooden models of the Berlin subway lines U1 to U9 not only offer a unique opportunity to playfully explore Berlin's history and culture, but also to celebrate the love for the capital and its iconic public transport system. Bauer and Son have managed to illustrate the essence of the subway lines in Berlin in their wooden models. Each model reflects the unique features and atmosphere of the lines depicted.

These wooden models are not just toys, but also educational tools, collector's items and a tribute to the development of Berlin's urban and transport infrastructure. They allow us to appreciate the past, understand the present and imagine the future of urban mobility.

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