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clap the party game

Probably the best drinking game of all time, now as a board game

+ XXL board game with high-quality box lid + 180 playing cards with 480 terms and lots of tasks

The clapping board game is a great party game for a sociable and (un)forgettable evening with friends. You compete against each other in teams and have to draw funny and common terms or demonstrate them in pantomime. The team partners then have to guess the term correctly. Only the winning team is allowed to advance and the team that reaches the goal first wins.

- Huge variety: The 120 cards with a total of 480 funny terms guarantee a lot of variety in pantomime or drawing.

- Classic clapping party fun: The 60 clapping cards contain lots of crazy competitions with tricky tasks and ensure exciting party fun for everyone!

As a handy card game, the cult game "klatschen" has already inspired millions of players. This board game is the official answer to a huge demand from our loyal clapping fans.


* The 3 basic rules: The 3 basic rules must be observed throughout the game. If someone breaks one of these basic rules, the entire team must take a sip as punishment, also called "clapping" in the game gent.

- The word "drink" must not be used. (also not: drink, drank, drink!, etc.)

- It must always be drunk with the left hand.

- It must not be cursed.

Each player needs a full glass to play. As soon as the drink is empty, a new one has to be refilled.

Set up the game board, shuffle all the decks of cards well and place them face down next to the game board.

Create teams with at least 2 players per team. Each team chooses a character. The pieces are then placed on the game board. Decide whether you want to play a short round (Preglow) or a long round (Film Tear).

Each team chooses the player who must perform the first action. You decide together which team gets to roll the dice first. This team rolls the dice and moves the pawn forward according to the number rolled. The space you land on determines which card you must draw. The respective fields are described in the included game instructions.

Tip: If you don't feel like playing a drinking game, you can simply play without alcohol. Just use juice, water, soda & co, or invent something else that you have to do ;-). Alternatively: Simply replace the clap and exen fields with choice fields and play without the clap cards.

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