Looney Joe - the powerful reaction game

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Looney Joe - the powerful reaction game

You get 80 playing cards, consisting of 23 action cards and 57 animal cards. A cool, colorful design ideal for children and families. Lots of fun for young and old in this lightning-fast family game, which is a bit similar to the well-known "Dobble", but stands out from it thanks to the way it is played and especially the action cards.

What is it about ? Loony Joe is all about being the first to recognize which animal is shown exactly 3 times on a card. The action cards contain many different tasks and fun competitions. Reactivity, observation and skill are required here and will make you a winner in this game. But even so, fun is guaranteed!

--> PROCEDURE: Shuffle all the cards well and place the deck face up in your midst. A card is now turned over alternately in a clockwise direction and placed in the middle.

Animal card: The first person to discover which animal is exactly 3x on the respective card and name it wins this card.

Action card: If an action card is drawn, the instructions on the card must be followed.

Each player places the cards received on a new pile in front of them. If the deck in the middle is empty, the game is over. Now everyone counts how many cards are in their deck. Each animal card won counts as 1 point. The action cards count as either plus or minus points. The player with the most points wins the game.

There is also another simplified game mode for 2 players for children aged 6+.

For 2-6 players, recommended for ages 6 and up, playing time approx. 20 minutes

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