Lucky Mouse Container - storage for rice etc.

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Qualy Design: Lucky Mouse Container

- storage box for rice etc. including spoon / scoop mouse -

Nothing beats the happiness of a mouse that made it into the rice bin.

The Lucky Mouse sits on top of the spoon/scoop which allows you to easily take out the right amount of rice and portion it out for your rice cooker. A real gag, great eye-catcher and a fun touch for your kitchen. The containers are stackable, so that several can be used or placed on top of each other.

Can of course also be used for other things besides rice (e.g. beans, nuts, sugar, flour etc. pp) ;-)

(This container comes in the original gift box)

* Capacity: 7 liters (= approx. 6 kg of rice)

* The amount of the spoon corresponds to one cup (= 150g rice / 180ml),

it can be portioned as follows due to the grooves inside: (1 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup)

* Height: approx. 20cm / width approx. 31cm / depth approx. 19cm

* Material: Polycarbonate BPA free and recyclable

Fun Fact: There is a well-known saying in Thai: Noo Tok Thang Kao Sarn" (a mouse that fell into a rice bucket) - it describes a situation where a poor man marries a rich woman and thus will live a prosperous life for the rest of his life...

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