Stadt Land Vollposten - Rotlicht Edition

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Stadt Land Vollposten - ROTLICHT Edition

DIN-A4 block with 50 sheets

The popular classic 23 different categories

For adults aged 16 and over

The constant expansion of the cult game STADT LAND VOLLPFOSTEN

The ultimate game block with 32 badass, kinky and fun categories for an unforgettable game night with friends. Fun guaranteed!

Fair Play - Innovative letter bar against cheats ;-) Simply swipe your index finger over the letter bar. When one of your opponents says “STOP”, you have chosen the letter to play with.

Variety guaranteed!

The ROTLICHT EDITION includes an exciting variety with 32 different categories.

Examples: motive for murder, cause for celebration, swear word, other word for money, crime, nickname for men and more!

Fair play, with an innovative letter bar against cheaters. Just swipe your index finger across the letter bar. When one of your opponents says “STOP”, you have chosen the letter to play with.

50 sheets of pure fun - This ultimate pad in DIN A4 format contains 50 sheets. This ensures many extensive game evenings with family and friends.

Perfect for a bachelorette party or as a birthday party favor / party game.

Game play and scoring


Each player receives one page of the DIN-A4 pad and places it in front of them. A time is set for each round (we recommend a limit of 2 minutes). The innovative letter bar helps to determine the letter. Then it is important to enter all terms as quickly as possible. 8 terms are searched per round.


You can't think of a correct term = 0 points. At least one other player has the same term as you = 5 points. No other player has the same term as you = 10 points. You were the only one who came up with a term in the category = 20 points. There are also so-called FULL POST fields where you always get double the number of points.

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