Disney is known to all of us for its bright characters and heroes. When we hear the name Disney, we usually think of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tarzan, Hercules or Simba from The Lion King. All heroes and likeable characters. But what about the evil Disney characters? They are essential for every successful film and form the contrast to the bright and good protagonist. The evil Disney characters create a contrast and generally make films really exciting. There is no fairy tale and almost no classic Disney film without a villain.

In this blog post we would like to dedicate ourselves to the evil and mean Disney characters who often receive too little attention.


What defines the Disney villains? 

The villains in Disney films are often the more interesting characters. They can awaken more emotions in us and mostly have an exciting background.

Many of the Disney films are aimed at children and young people. Nevertheless, some of the villains shown are in no way inferior to many villains from thrillers or horror films when it comes to their actual evil. Disney has managed to create a number of memorable and unique evil characters over the decades. About witches, wizards, common relatives, pirates or Greek gods of the underworld. Disney often uses evil characters from fairy tales, novels and classical mythology. Disney films are always characterized by the fact that there is a happy ending and that the villain loses and the hero wins. For the most part, it's clear from the start that evil like Captian Hook or Cruella won't win.

But who are the most famous and successful evil characters from the Disney films?


The Lion King can easily be considered one of the most successful Disney films of all time. The story of Simba, Timo and Pumba and his father Mufasa has subsequently spawned musicals and remakes. But the Lion King not only produced the well-known heroes mentioned, but can also score points with evil characters. Scar can clearly be counted among the well-known evil Disney characters. He is the uncle of the protagonist Simba and constantly strives for the throne, which actually belongs to Simba. Scar has no scruples and does everything he can to gain power himself, which he briefly succeeds in doing.

Captain Hook 

The film Peter Pan can be counted among the true Disney classics and is a real masterpiece. Released in 1953, this film tells the story of a boy who never grows up and lives on an enchanted island called Neverland .

The important evil Disney character in this film is represented by Captain Hook , who seeks to capture Peter and his friends. He represents the classic romantic image of an 18th century pirate and is portrayed as the absolute evil and treacherous one in this film. 

Bad queen 

The Evil Queen is a Disney character from the fairy tale adaptation Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from 1937. It is the first major animated film from Disney and is based on the fairy tale Snow White by the Brothers Grimm. It forms the actual basis of the later success of Disney's animated films. The Queen is the first evil Disney character to appear in an animated film. She is characterized above all by her vanity and her hunger for power and pursues Snow White in an unscrupulous manner. 



The film Aladin was released in German cinemas on November 18, 1993. Aladdin is based on the fairy tale Aladdin and the Magic Lamp and is one of the stories from 1000 and one nights. The evil Disney character in this film is formed by the sorcerer Jafar. He wants to conquer the throne of the great Sultan in order to rule over the land of Agrabah. To achieve this, he needs more magic power and tries to influence the hero of this story, Aladdin, to get a powerful genie lamp. 


Hercules was the 35th animated film from Disney Studios, released in 1997 and relates to the adventures of the Greek mythological character Hercules. 

The evil character from Disney is Hades. Hades is the Greek god of the underworld. The immortal Hades was angered by his brother Zeus and the other gods on Mount Olympus letting him rule the dark and depressing underworld. He is the antagonist to the hero of the story Hercules. The film Hercules is based on classical Greek mythology. 


Disney has entertained us with numerous heroes and villains over the past decades. The most famous and popular evil Disney characters include Scar, Jafar and Hades. What they all have in common is that they want to harm the protagonists of the respective film. Disney will continue to provide us with new and exciting villains to look forward to in the future. Villains are often more interesting than the classic heroes. 

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