Willow Tree is a well-known and quality brand. Willow Tree figurines have become a popular gift for family members as well as friends. Each of the individual Willow Tree figures has its own meaning. The artist Susan Lordi designed these and made them by hand from wood. They often represent important moments and scenes and convey different emotions and impressions. But what is the exact meaning of the Willow Tree figures ? 

We would like to address this question in this article and give you an overview of the Willow Tree brand and its products. 

What is the meaning of the Willow Tree figures? 

The Willow Tree series largely features faceless people or angels. Animals are also often used as motifs; cats and dogs are particularly common. Willow Tree figures often depict scenes from the Bible such as the birth of Jesus Christ and the three kings. Families and couples are also often used as motifs. The meaning of the Willow Tree figures is complex. These are primarily intended to convey positive emotions and touching moments. This usually represents positive emotions and feelings.

The figures are made in Australia and are mostly decorated in soft tones and have beautiful details. Willow Tree figurines are suitable as souvenirs or gifts on special occasions. Some Willow Tree figurines have Christian significance as they depict scenes from the New Testament, such as: B. represent the birth of Jesus Christ.


Why are Willow Tree figurines a good gift? 

The meaning of the Willow Tree figurines is complex and they can therefore be used as a gift for different occasions. The angel figurines and the figurines of Mary and Joseph are an excellent souvenir for Christmas . But Willow Tree also makes an excellent gift for other occasions such as birthdays , St. Nicholas or Easter. They are artistically designed and minimalist at the same time, a rare combination. They convey the feeling of comfort and coziness. The meaning and design of the Willow Tree figures allow you to remember important events and turning points. They illustrate the meaning and feelings associated with certain events.

With a Willow Tree figurine you can celebrate a birthday, an engagement, a wedding or the birth of a child. Bring peace and Christmas spirit into your home by adding a Willow Tree angel figurine to a nativity scene or decorate your Christmas tree with a Willow Tree ornament as a sign of comfort and peace.

What variants and categories are there? 

The Willow Tree figurines have different messages and represent different situations. There are therefore a few main categories into which the Willow Tree figurines can be divided.

The first thing to mention is the Willow Tree Angels. These angels are usually just under 14.0 cm tall. The meanings and impressions of this Willow Tree figure are varied and always fascinating. Each Willow Tree Angel carries a message that has a specific meaning in the form of a small message.

Family is another important motif. She is usually represented by a father, mother and one or more children. Animals such as dogs and cats can also often be found.

The nativity scene is the third important category of Willow Tree. Especially in the winter months, many families choose a central location for their crèche. The meanings of the Willow Tree figures and the emotions of the nativity scenes are unique.




The Willow Tree figures convey positive and family-related emotions such as comfort and security. They represent both angels and people in different postures and situations. They make a great decoration option and a beautiful keepsake for your home. Each Willow Tree figurine has its own meaning and is unique. They have a calming, protective and motivating effect on us.  

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