For years, artist Jim Shore has delighted fans worldwide with his lifelike figures from the Disney Traditions brand . In most cases, the figures represent iconic scenes and characters from Disney worlds and bring them to life. In his Jim Shore Disney Traditions collection, he has succeeded particularly well in capturing the magic of the famous Disney classics and preserving them for future generations. 

The quality and attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of Disney Traditions figures. The decisive factors are the fine facial features of the characters right down to the lovingly designed textures of their clothing. When you look at the Disney Traditions figures, you quickly get the impression that you are learning the history and emotions of the individual characters.


Why is Disney Traditions so special? 

Disney Heritage characters have a genuine, unique touch that is defined by the traditional nature of folk art and timeless craftsmanship. Characters like Minnie, Pinocchio or Belle resemble exactly what we know of them from the films, but at the same time they also seem to have come from another, fairytale world. 

The artist has repeatedly managed to capture emotional scenes from Disney films with various Disney Traditions figures. 

Dumbo's loving interaction with his mother brings back memories of the touching part of the film. Tense scenes like those from The Jungle Book also immediately create a feeling of tension in the viewer. The figures from Disney Traditions can therefore also serve wonderfully as souvenirs and collector's items.

With the detailed figures, the American artist Shore not only inspires Disney fans, but also preserves the magic of these timelessly beautiful stories for the younger generation to come. The figures can be particularly well collected in the children's room or placed on the desk as decoration. These characters often make you dream. 


Why Shore's characters captivate us 

In many cases, the Disney Traditions figures represent faithful reenactments of unforgettable scenes from well-known series and films.

Jim Shore puts a great deal of loving devotion into each character. His creativity and imagination bring the characters to life. Every little part of the clothing or the expression of the faces appears deceptively real.



The nostalgia of the characters  

The nostalgic design of the characters in Shores brings back memories of the classic Disney films and series of the last decades. We have the impression that we are immediately involved in the stories. The artist Shore creates touching stories that move us deeply. Emotions arise again, whether it's Dumbo's mother's love or Bambi's happiness in his childhood. Shore's figures can be wonderfully decorated and allow you to be carried away by the magic of the Disney worlds.

There is a figure for every fan and every budget. Please take a look at our BerlinDeluxe shop, we offer a wide selection of different Disney Traditions figures.  


Mickey Mouse – The Disney icon  

Mickey has been the symbol of Disney for many decades, as he was Walt Disney's first real star. From his round ears to his yellow gloves to the expression of his round eyes, Shore's Mickey appears extremely authentic. He is the most popular Disney character and is also one of the classics among the traditional figures. Shore cleverly preserves the nostalgic charm of the early years. Fans' hearts beat faster when they see the carefully staged original version of their idol.  



Dumbo - A cute elephant  

Many Disney characters warm our hearts. However, little Dumbo is one of the particularly cute characters that we know from the films. Dumbo is also available as a Disney Tradition figure to collect and give as a gift. What's remarkable is that Shore manages to portray Dumbo's sensitive character in detail, filling his big googly eyes with curiosity and gentleness. The delicate wings and the soft fluff make you want to hold Dumbo close to you. You can also find the little elephant in our shop.


Bambi - The soul of the forest 

With precisely crafted figures, Disney Traditions accompanies Bambi's entire childhood and development, from his first swing as a sweet cub to a proud deer. While the full-grown Bambi stands for the forest with his lofty posture, his junior Bambi embodies childlike light-heartedness. The two characters convey a cross-generational message of innocence and nature conservation .


Ariel - underwater princess with a heart 

The way Shore brings Ariel to life is impressive. Her long, fiery red hair looks as soft as in the Disney cartoon. Their free-running fish tail is modeled extremely precisely down to the smallest fish scales. But just as well as in the original, Ariel's radiant smile makes you dream. 



Jim Shore's Disney Traditions collection is like a window into the dimension of childhood memories. The Disney Traditions figures evoke vivid images from films such as " The Lion King ", "The Jungle Book " or classic Disney cartoons.  

With his realistic figures and sculptures, artist Jim Shore has managed to bring iconic Disney characters and scenes to life. With his keen sense of detail, he is able to capture the magic of classic Disney stories and preserve them for future generations.  

No matter whether it's Mickey Mouse, Dumbo or Ariel, artist Jim Shore draws each character with so much love and dedication that the viewer has the feeling of truly immersing themselves in the film world. Even small details, such as the curiosity in Bambi's big eyes or the gentleness of Ariel's red mane, may bring back memories of your own childhood.  


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