The city of Berlin is a magnet for tourists from Germany and all over the world. As the German capital, Berlin naturally also has a special status. There is a large selection of souvenirs from Berlin that you can buy for yourself, your friends or relatives. It is important to purchase typical Berlin brands that represent the city and its sights well. In this blog post we would like to introduce you to the best souvenirs from Berlin and talk about them in more detail.  

Classic Berlin brands 

In Berlin you will find traditional and established brands that you should definitely get to know. Berlin souvenirs are very popular and available everywhere. Many people like to collect souvenirs from cities they have visited to keep a souvenir of their vacation or weekend trip. Clothing, key chains, figurines or magnets are common souvenirs and gifts. The brands that come into question for Berlin are, for example: Ampelmann, Buddy Bear, Bauer&Sohn, Berlin Souvenirs and Robin Ruth.  



Ampelmann is clearly one of the classic brands for gifts and souvenirs from Berlin. The typical green traffic light men are known throughout Germany. The Ampelmännchen is a popular souvenir from Berlin for tourists. The figure, designed in the GDR, became a real cultural brand after reunification and is also very popular in Japan and Hollywood. Ampelmann has a wide range of products. Berlin Deluxe offers a large selection of Ampelmann products: from fabric bags, bags, T-shirts, key rings, cups and bottle openers to your own pasta. Just take a look at our shop.  



Buddy Bear 

Buddy Bear is a true classic among souvenirs from Berlin. Buddy Bears are a very well-known brand when it comes to souvenirs from Berlin. They represent the symbol of Berlin - the bear. They can be found everywhere in Berlin in their lifelike size. The Buddy Bear brand offers miniatures of these bears. They have different colors and patterns. They are available in a wide variety of variations. From the Hertha BSC Bear, Gate to the City Buddy Bear, Berlin Skyline Buddy Bear to the self-painting bear. The Buddy Bears are popular collectible figures and also make an excellent decoration in your home.

Souvenirs from Berlin_berlindeluxe_buddy-baer-blue-pink-berlin


Farmer & son  

Bauer & Sohn is also one of the well-known Berlin brands. The Berlin U-Bahn and S-Bahn are spread throughout Germany. Subway lines like the U-9, U8-U-7 etc. or S-Bahn lines like the S42 and S42 are busy and known to every Berliner.

Bauer & Sohn has made it its mission to recreate miniatures of these popular public means of transport. The wooden subway trains from Bauer & Sohn are reproduced in great detail and can be recognized as real Berlin subways. The trains fit on all common wooden train tracks that can already be found in most children's rooms.  

At BerlinDeluxe you will find a large selection of different miniature trains.  



Berlin souvenirs 

The Berlin Wall is a part of the entire German history. It represents a difficult and eventful chapter in our history. The Wall, or what's left of it, is a popular tourist destination and one of the sights in Berlin. The Berlin Souvenirs brand had a brilliant idea. They made it possible for each of us to have a small piece of the wall in our home. The brand sells original pieces of the wall framed in acrylic glass panels . They are among the best souvenirs from Berlin.  


Souvenirs from Berlin_berlindeluxe_berliner-mauer-stein

Robin Ruth 

If you want beautiful hats, backpacks, shoulder bags, sweaters, T-shirts or mugs from Berlin, you've come to the right place with the Robin Ruth brand. They produce these products with cool Berlin motifs and Berlin lettering. A classic among the Berlin brands and a good souvenir from Berlin. The motifs and the choice of colors are very well chosen and correspond to the atmosphere that defines Berlin. On BerlinDeluxe you will find a whole range of Robin brand products.  




There are numerous and varied souvenirs from Berlin that you can buy for yourself and your friends and relatives. Berlin can serve as a wonderful motif for various products. We at BerlinDeluxe have made it our mission to offer the various souvenirs and souvenirs from Berlin in one shop for you. We pay attention to the quality and design of our products.

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