Die beliebtesten Goebel Hasen

At BerlinDeluxe, your online shop for gifts and souvenirs, we are delving into the charming world of Goebel rabbits . Goebel's finely crafted figurines bring joy and beauty to your home, not just at Easter, but at any time of year. Let yourself be enchanted by the variety and charm of Goebel rabbits and discover the perfect gift or an ideal addition to your collection.

The Rabbit School School Friends! - A sign of friendship

The Goebel figurine Rabbit School "School Friends! " is a wonderful example of the attention to detail and quality that characterizes Goebel rabbits. The first edition in 2024 is not only the ideal gift for a good friend, but also a gesture of appreciation and a reminder that friends preserve friendship. The stoneware figurine is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and comes with a gift box.

Spring Awakening - A Ray of Light in Spring

The Goebel Easter candle holder " Spring Awakening " brings the light of spring into your home. It is a very popular Goebel rabbit. Made from fine biscuit porcelain and painted with delicate porcelain colors, this lantern shows itself at its best. The rabbit figures, who are happy about the first violet and forget-me-not blossoms, create a cozy atmosphere.

The Rabbit of the Year 2024 - A Symbol of Grace

The Goebel bunny figurine "Bunny of the Year 2024" is a limited edition that celebrates the beauty of spring with a magnolia. The Goebel bunny made of exquisite biscuit porcelain is cast from up to six parts and assembled by hand, making each figurine a unique work of art. Supplied with a certificate and in attractive gift packaging, the bunny of the year is a highlight for collectors. A great Goebel bunny for collectors and as a gift for friends and family.

Easter surprise with the Goebel bunny "Easter present"

The magic of Easter is perfectly captured by the adorable Goebel "Easter Gift" bunny . The exquisite stoneware figurine shows a dainty bunny proudly carrying a basket full of brightly painted Easter eggs. The careful design and loving painting of each individual egg testify to the exceptional craftsmanship that Goebel has cultivated for years. This figurine radiates heartfelt joy and is proof of the high quality that Goebel is known for. Whether as the centerpiece of your Easter decoration or as a special gift idea for loved ones, the Goebel "Easter Gift" bunny brings the joy of spring and Easter straight into your home.

A look into the past with the 2023 Annual Bunny

The Goebel Easter figurine rabbit "Animal Rabbit 2023 - Rabbit Pair with Bluebells" is a true treasure for every collector and lover of fine porcelain art. The limited edition embodies the beauty and awakening of spring with the lovingly designed rabbit pair standing among blooming bluebells. The detailed design and the soft colors of the flowers contrast harmoniously with the simple elegance of the biscuit porcelain and create an exceptionally aesthetic overall picture.

Modern romance with "Snow White Forever"

The Goebel rabbit series "Snow White" brings a touch of freshness and modernity to the traditional world of Easter decorations with its modernly designed, white rabbit figures. The focus of this series is the adorable rabbit couple "Snow White Forever" , which symbolizes the innocence and purity of true love. These figures, made of high-quality porcelain and provided with a shiny glaze, radiate a timeless elegance. Their shining eyes and the gentle smile on their lips make them a unique representation of affection.

The "Snow White Forever" rabbit couple is not only a must-have for lovers of modern design, but also a perfect addition to any room that should radiate a touch of love and positivity. Whether as part of your spring decoration, as a romantic gesture for a special person or simply as a sign of eternal love in your home - these figures are a tribute to love in its purest form.

Musical Easter joy with the music box "Music is in the air"

The Goebel Music Box "Music is in the Air" is a truly magical piece that captures the essence of Easter. When the melody of "All the Birds Are Already Here" is played, it creates an atmosphere of renewal and joy that is perfect for the spring season. This two-piece set, consisting of a bunny at the piano and his orchestra members, is a masterpiece of delicacy and attention to detail, masterfully crafted. A great Goebel bunny to give as a gift to friends and family.

Each figure in this ensemble is carefully designed and painted to bring the characters and their instruments to life. From the delicate paws touching the piano keys to the happy faces of the musical bunnies, each element of this set contributes to a heartwarming scene. This music box is not just a decoration, but an interactive work of art that can bring generations of families together and create precious memories.

An ideal gift or as part of your own Easter tradition, the Goebel Figurine Music Box "Music is in the Air" promises to enrich your home with its melodic charm and the masterful craftsmanship that characterizes every Goebel piece.


At BerlinDeluxe you will discover not just a product, but a whole world full of charm and elegance with our diverse selection of Goebel rabbits. These fine creations are more than just decorative objects; they are a living expression of tradition, outstanding quality and an unparalleled attention to detail that can be felt in every piece. The Goebel rabbits, from the timeless classics to the modern interpretations, offer that certain something for every occasion and every home.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift to warm the hearts of your loved ones, or you want to add a piece of undisputed craftsmanship to your own collection, Goebel bunnies will fulfill every wish with flying colors. Each piece carries a story within it, be it of spring joy, eternal love or musical harmony, and has the ability to bring these stories to life in a wonderful way in your home.

At BerlinDeluxe we are proud to be able to offer you this exquisite selection. We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in the magical world of Goebel rabbits and let yourself be enchanted by their unique magic. Don't miss this opportunity to own or give away a piece of timeless beauty that will last for generations and make every moment special. Discover your favorites now at BerlinDeluxe and experience how Goebel rabbits fill your home with joy, elegance and a touch of magic.

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