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Today we delve into the fascinating world of O'Donnell Moonshine varieties , a tribute to a time when the production and sale of alcohol was prohibited in the USA. Prohibition (1919-1933) was a time of secrecy, when resourceful farmers filled their liquor into mason jars and sold it in secret. This tradition lives on in the O'Donnell Moonshine varieties , which we are delighted to introduce to you.

The exclusivity of O'Donnell Moonshine

With every bottle of O'Donnell Moonshine you bring a memory of times long past and a piece of history into your home. The gift set includes a 700 ml glass with a pouring device, which is offered in six tempting liqueur varieties:

At BerlinDeluxe we have the honor of presenting you a selection of O'Donnell Moonshine varieties. The liqueurs are not only unique in taste, but also bring a piece of history to your home. Each individual bottle is a tribute to the days of Prohibition in the USA, an era that shaped the art of moonshine. Our carefully put together gift pack contains a 700 ml glass jar with a practical pourer, available in the six tempting liqueur varieties. Let's take a closer look at these taste masterpieces.

The O'Donnell Moonshine varieties are available in sizes of 700 ml , 350 ml and 50 ml .

Toffee: The sweet seducer

Let's start the taste journey with the toffee liqueur, a true caramel delight. With its alcohol content of 25 percent by volume, the liqueur takes your taste buds on a sweet journey, where the fine melted sugar unfolds an incomparable taste. Enjoyed neat or as a delicious base for cocktails, toffee is a highlight for all those who love sweet things. By far one of the best O'Donnell Moonshine varieties.

Blood orange: fruity freshness

The O'Donnell Moonshine Blood Orange, with 20% ABV, is a true explosion of the fruity taste of deep red oranges. It promises freshness and lightness and is an ideal companion for warm summer days. It combines the sweetness of ripe oranges with a light citrus freshness, perfect for refreshing drinks or as a special extra in sparkling wine and prosecco.

Sour: The refreshing contrast

For fans of bitter tastes, the sour liqueur with 25% ABV is a must. It has a really sour lemon taste that contrasts perfectly with the sweeter variants. Sour is a tribute to the classic lemon liqueurs, but with a modern twist that makes it unmistakable.

Hard nut: A harmonious composition

The O'Donnell Moonshine Hard Nut variety is an ideal blend of hazelnut, caramel and a hint of whiskey. With an alcohol content of 25% by volume, this variety offers a rich and complex variety of flavors that pamper the taste buds. It is the epitome of the harmony of nuttiness, sweetness and the bitter taste of whiskey.

Plump cherry: sweet temptation

Plump Cherry with 20% vol. is a sweet temptation that delights with cherry and fine vanilla flavor. The variety captures the essence of ripe, juicy cherries and combines them with a hint of vanilla to create an irresistible liqueur that can be enjoyed neat or as a base for creative cocktails. An O'Donnell Moonshine for real connoisseurs and romantics.

Wild Berry: Summer in a Glass

Wild Berry, with 25% ABV, is a blend of raspberries, grapes and blackberries and captures the essence of summer. The O'Donnell Moonshine combines the sweet and tart notes of various berries to create a taste experience that is second to none. Wild Berry is a celebration of nature in all its diversity and splendor. Delicious, fruity and diverse in taste.

The O'Donnell Moonshine Miniature Design

In addition to the classic 700 ml variants, O'Donnell Moonshine also offers the popular design in miniature format. Our summer and winter sets each contain four small mason jars (50 ml) in different flavors, which are ideal for lovers who appreciate variety or are looking for a unique gift. There is something here for every taste.

Quality and tradition

The name O'Donnell stands for quality, tradition and craftsmanship. All O'Donnell Moonshine varieties contain no artificial flavors or colors and are produced in Germany with the greatest possible care. Each sip is a testament to craftsmanship and passion in its uniqueness.

We at BerlinDeluxe are proud to offer you these exclusive flavors of O'Donnell Moonshine.

Immerse yourself in the world of O'Donnell Moonshine and experience with us the variety and fascination of this unique spirit. Whether as a gift for special occasions or to enjoy in a quiet moment - O'Donnell Moonshine enriches every moment with a touch of history and an extraordinary taste. Discover your favorite variety now at BerlinDeluxe.

Conclusion: An experience for the senses

The O'Donnell Moonshine varieties provide a unique taste experience inspired by the rich history and tradition of moonshine distilling. Browse through our range at your leisure. The brand has something to offer for every taste. Each variety tells its own story and invites you to explore the diversity and depth of the flavor profiles.

We at BerlinDeluxe are proud to offer you this unique selection. Find your favorite and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of O'Donnell Moonshine liqueurs - a historical experience that enhances every special moment.

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