In winter, warm drinks are essential. Thermal drinking bottles are ideal because they efficiently keep hot drinks warm and are portable. In this blog article we have put together the best models that can withstand the cold months. Questions such as: What is the best material for thermal drinking bottles, what are the advantages of thermal drinking bottles and how to care for them are answered in this blog article.


What are thermal drinking bottles? 

Thermal drinking bottles are designed to maintain the temperature of drinks over a long period of time. They use modern insulation techniques to keep their contents hot or cold, making them an essential companion for people on the go who want to enjoy their drinks regardless of the season. Compared to traditional water bottles, they feature improved insulation, often achieved through a double-walled construction with a vacuum, which minimizes temperature release. 


Advantages of thermal drinking bottles 

Thermal drinking bottles offer numerous advantages. They are more robust and more durable than conventional drinking bottles, which is often attributed to the use of stainless steel. The material is not only tasteless, but also rust-proof and easy to clean. As an alternative, there are also lighter, cheaper plastic variants that offer the advantage of transparency. Glass models, on the other hand, affect neither the smell nor the taste of the contents and are also environmentally friendly and recyclable. 


Choice of thermal drinking bottle 

When choosing a thermal drinking bottle, you should take into account the size, material, insulating properties and type of closure. Think about the volume you need and choose between stainless steel, plastic or glass, with stainless steel often being preferable. A high level of insulation is crucial in order to keep drinks warm or cool for a long time. In addition, the bottle should be chosen according to the area of ​​use, be it for sports, hiking or work. 

The stainless steel bottles from 24 Bottles , complemented by a thermal sleeve , are ideal for keeping drinks at temperature. The stainless steel drinking bottles from Black & Bloom also have excellent insulating performance. The thermal mugs from Continco , which are available in different colors and designs, are very popular at BerlinDeluxe. BerlinDeluxe offers a wide selection of different thermal drinking bottles. 


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Bottle care 

Regular maintenance and care of the thermal drinking bottles is essential for their longevity. We recommend cleaning by hand with warm water and mild detergent. A bottle brush makes it easier to effectively clean even hard-to-reach areas. Sometimes a mixture of baking soda and vinegar also helps to eliminate odors and stains. However, it is advisable not to submerge them in water in order not to damage the insulation layer. Cleaning in the dishwasher should also be avoided unless it is explicitly stated to be harmless, as this can damage the coating. Dents in the bottles can also reduce the insulation ability. 


Possible uses 

Thermal drinking bottles can be used in a variety of ways, whether you're at the gym, on a hike or in the office. Especially if you work outdoors in colder temperatures, thermal water bottles can prove to be very useful. They keep us warm and allow us to work outside longer in cooler temperatures. 

Just take a look at our shop and see for yourself our wide selection of different thermal drinking bottles. Buying thermal drinking bottles can be worthwhile, especially in the cold season. But even in summer, when temperatures are particularly high, thermal drinking bottles can have the opposite effect and keep our drinks pleasantly cool and fresh. They are therefore particularly suitable for sporting activities in summer, such as fitness or hiking. 


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Advantages of stainless steel for thermal drinking bottles 

As a material for thermal drinking bottles , stainless steel is characterized by its robustness and longevity. This is shock and drop resistant, corrosion resistant and virtually non-rusting, making it ideal for use in various activities. In contrast to plastic, stainless steel does not contain any chemical additives that could dissolve in liquids and is therefore harmless to health. Stainless steel is also very well insulated against temperature fluctuations, does not affect the taste of the contents and is easy to clean. And last but not least, stainless steel is environmentally friendly because it is completely recyclable and a sustainable alternative to plastic. 



Thermal drinking bottles impress with their versatility and their numerous advantages. They are more than just a trendy product and have practical benefits in addition to health benefits. They are particularly useful in extreme seasons because they keep hot drinks warm in winter and cold drinks cool in summer. They are also easy to clean and corrosion resistant. If you are looking for a bottle, then just take a look around our online shop.

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