For lovers who have found each other in life or love, Willow Tree figurines are the perfect gift. Whether they are wedding gifts, engagement gifts, party favors or anniversary gifts, Willow Tree figurines are keepsakes for a new, lasting relationship. The talented artist behind the Willow Tree figures is Susan Lordi. In this blog post we would like to cover the best Willow Tree figurines for your wedding .  

The artist designed her figures in wood and made them by hand. They often represent significant moments or situations and convey a variety of impressions and emotions.


Promise - Willow Tree Figure "Promise" 

The Willow Tree figure "Promise" is ideal for your wedding or engagement. It shows two people who love each other. A man and a woman lying in each other's arms. The figures represent the promise of eternal love. The figure is ideal for giving as a gift to your loved ones.

Promise - Willow Tree Figure "Promise"

Cake Topper Together - Willow Tree 

The Together cake topper is the ideal Willow Tree figure for your wedding. The decorative figure expresses the love and passion between husband and wife as well as the promise of shared love. It is ideal as a cake decoration on the wedding cake.

The Willow Tree figure (Enesco) is a high-quality gift for weddings and other occasions.

Cake Topper Together - Willow Tree

Willow Tree Figurine - HOME - Safe at home 

Home: One of the most beautiful Willow Tree figures at BerlinDeluxe. This figure is perfect for a bride and groom who are expecting a child together. Such an event is often associated with a wedding or engagement. Give this Willow Tree figurine to your friends who are about to start a family and make them happy. 

Home - Willow Tree figurine

Willow Tree Figure - Near You - Around You 

Willow Tree has a variety of different characters in its range. They all have their own meaning. They represent very different situations from the respective areas of life. Willow Tree figurines "Near you" are a nice gift for a wedding party. They show a man and a woman who love each other. They shake hands and touch their heads. 

Near You - Willow Tree Figure

Willow Tree Angel - With Love 

Willow Tree has put together a large selection of angel figurines for its customers. The angels have become a real trademark of Willow Tree and are very popular. The Willow Tree angel figure is also very suitable for a wedding party or similar affair. The angel holds a red heart in his hands, which is meant to express love and affection for someone you care about. Willow Tree angels fit very well with a significant and possibly religious celebration, such as a wedding.

With Love - Willow Tree Figurine


There are a variety of wedding figurines available at Willow Tree. From angels to lovers and families, there is something for everyone here. Give your loved ones a gift and get one of the Willow Tree figures from BerlinDeluxe . You can also place some of the figures on a cake or generally as decoration for your celebration.

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